3 Common Air Conditioner Issues And How To Resolve Them

The state of your air conditioning system determines whether your home will be habitable or a sweltering pit of misery. Some air conditioner problems can even hurt your overall health. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to avoid living in an uncomfortable house. By learning about the most common air conditioner issues, you can tell when the system is damaged and needs repairs. Here are three common complications and how professionals resolve them. [Read More]

Possible Reasons Why Your Electric Furnace Is Not Turning On

You should be able to count on your electric furnace to keep your home warm and cozy during the winter, and overall, you might have always been able to do so. Now, though, your electric furnace might not even turn on at all. Obviously, this is a big problem, but you should not panic yet; instead, you should contact a heating repair service. They will help diagnose the problem; for example, these are a few possible issues that they might look for. [Read More]

2 Possible Causes Of A Banging Noise When You Turn On Your Furnace

If your furnace seems to protest loudly every time you turn it on, you aren't alone. Many homeowners have experienced mysterious banging or booming noises when their furnace starts up, but the causes of this phenomenon are not as widely understood. This guide will explain the two most common causes of a banging noise when you turn on your furnace and how they may indicate that you need residential heating system repair. [Read More]

Should You Have Your AC System Serviced At The End Of The Cooling Season? Important Reasons To Consider

Homeowners who regularly replace the filters in their air conditioning system may feel that no additional servicing is needed, especially near the end of the cooling season. While frequent filter changes are critically important for both efficiency and mechanical longevity, additional servicing is actually needed to meet the needs of most residential air conditioning components. Homeowners who would like to learn more about the importance of having their air conditioning system professionally serviced may find the following information useful. [Read More]